Safe Driving is Serious Business


Today marks the beginning of “Drive Safely Work Week,” an annual campaign sponsored by the Network of Employers for Traffic Safety (NETS). NETS provides numerous materials that can be used to spread awareness throughout your company including emails, fact sheets, PowerPoint presentations, pledge cards and more!

To download and utilize the resources, click here.

Although “Drive Safely Work Week” is only 7 days, it is important to recognize and practice those habits year round. Safe driving practices can dramatically reduce the number of vehicular claims your public entity faces.

OneBeacon Government Risks wants to provide your public entity with the necessary tips to reduce the exposure caused by distracted driving. Setting expectations through clear communication and rules, establishing appropriate discipline and providing effective supervision is an important part of helping control these unique set of hazards.


 1. Immediate and upper management needs to communicate to all drivers that:

The safe operation of their vehicle is an important part of their job

Distracted driving should be avoided in all departments

Safe vehicle operation is preferred over quick arrival at the end destination

2. Not only should you provide driver with basic rules, consider also including “prohibited tasks while vehicle is moving”

3. Develop disciplinary procedures to address non-compliance and distribute to all

4. Include the distracted driving topic within all driver training

5. Be sure department managers are not creating part of this distraction by encouraging or participating in visual, manual, and cognitive distractions

6. Law enforcement management should limit officers from routinely inputting data and attempting to read computer screen while driving.

7. Complete a ride along evaluation with all departments to see what their distractions are and how they are managing it

8. Ask the drivers for input as to what is their biggest “in-vehicle” distraction

For more resources:

The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration also provides some great tools and resources on distracted driving.

You can also download OneBeacon Government Risks’ guide, “Who’s Most Distracted Driver In Your Community?” to help educate your officers on how to reduce their distractions while driving.


Safe Driving is Serious Business